• 632 - 640 Hinman Avenue Evanston IL 60602
    42.0301334, -87.6772621
    PIN: 11-19-407-034-0000
  • Local

    Within Local District?: No

    Local Dist Contrib/Non-Contrib?:

    Local Landmark?: Yes

    Year: 1982

    Local Landmark Eligible?:

    Criteria: A5; Exemplify the work of a nationally or internationally known architect, or major local architect or master builder; A7: Exemplify an architectural style, construction technique or building type once common in the City.

  • National Register

    NR District Contrib/Non-Contrib:

    Within District?: No

    NR Landmark?: Yes

    Year: 1984

    NR Eligible?:


    Alternate Address?:

  • General Information

    Category: Multi Family Residential

    Condition: Excellent

    Integrity: Excellent

    Current Use: Multi Family Residential

    Historic Use: Multi Family Residential

    Secondary Structure:

    NR Second:

  • Architectural Description

    Architectural Classification: Prairie

    Details: Horizontal stone cornice at six feet and third floor, stone lintels, decorative brick pattern panels, arched stone entries with carved medallions and brick panels, wood door, original sidelight and fanlight.

    Construction Year: 1912

    Other Year:

    Date source: Landmark Nomination

    Wall Material (Current): Brick

    Wall Material 2 (Current): Stone

    Plan: U Shape

    No of Stories: 4+

    Roof Type: Hipped

    Roof Material: Asphalt

    Foundation: Undetermined


    Window Material: Aluminum clad wood replacement

    Window Material 2:

    Window Type: Casement

    Window Configuration: 1-Jun


    Historic Features: Large overhang, triple windows stranded by stone details, undulating facade, expressed chimneys, bay windows.

    Alterations: Replacement windows.

  • Historic Information

    Old Address (city dir.year):

    Building Moved?:

    Moved From:

    Original Owner: Helma N. Nelson

    Original Architect: John A. Nyden

    Architect Source: Landmark Nomination


    Surveyor: Susan Turner, AIA Michael Cooper

    Surveyor Organization: The Lakota Group

    Survey Date: 23-Jun-15

    Survey Area:

  • Permit/Historic Information

    Current Address: 623 - 640 Hinman Avenue

    Old Address:

    Date of Construction: 1912

  • Permit Moving Information

    Moving Permit #:

    Date Moved:

  • Original Permit Information

    Building Permit #:


    Building Permit Description:


    Original Owner Occupied?:

    Exterior Alteration Permits: 14ROOF-0034: Tear off and replace shingle rf with new Tamko 30-year laminated architectural shingle; 13DKPC-0017: Replace existing rear wd open porch with new wd open por with replacement lights; 07DKP0000000063: Remove and construct 3 new wd porches and stairs; 04RPR0000000001: Replace one wd beam and one wd column section on existing porch.

    Other Permit Information:

    COA Info: 14PRES-0036: 632-640 Hinman: Remove 3 layers of shingles down to the wd decking (replace decking as needed in kind), install Tamko 30-year laminated architectural shingles; 08PRES-0102: On S elev bay including E and W views: retain previously raised sill heights of 18 existing wind openings and remove 4 original stone sills and infill with brick to match the existing (new alteration) [Alteration]; 08HIS0000000006: W elevation: relocate 6 windows openings and install 6 wd windows with curved lintels/headers to center in bedroom, relocate 6 windows openings and install 6 wd windows with curved lintels/headers to the new bathroom locations; clean existing brick around wind openings and remove arched header and infill exposed wind openings with brick to match coursing of the existing brick, a ll the exterior wd doors at W and N elevs are to be replaced with the same style with 2 vertical panels under a rectangular glass above to match the existing doors; 07HIS0000000231: W elevation: relocate 6 winds to center in bedroom, por locations (N and S): remove and infill w/ masonry so as not to interfere w/ stair, S elev: need to raise sill height of winds for kitchen cabinets; 07HIS0000000073: Replace rear and side por., the proposed pors will further exceed the already legal nonconforming building lot coverage and therefore in violation of section 6-8-6-6 of the Zoning Ordinance. Per section 6-4-1-9 (B) 1, a yard obstruction i.e. porch, may extend into the rear yard by no more than 10% of the required rear yard. The required rear yard is 25'', maximum encroachment is 2.50'' or 22.50'' from the rear lot line; 06HIS0000000210: Replace rf asph shingles with asph shingles, gutters and downspouts with new finished alum, and install A/C condensers; existing double hung winds will be replaced with all wd double hung winds and the existing casement winds will be replaced with all wd casement winds with the muntin pattern in both wind to be identical to what is existing, approved on 2006.19.09.

    Historic Info:

    Other Sources:

    Historic Info Compiler:

    Volunteer: Tyner

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