• 2940 Harrison Street Evanston IL 60201
    42.06247, -87.716597
    PIN: 10-11-400-014-0000
  • Local

    Within Local District?: No

    Local Dist Contrib/Non-Contrib?:

    Local Landmark?: Yes

    Year: 1985

    Local Landmark Eligible?:

    Criteria: A5: Exemplify the work of a nationally or internationally known architect, or major local architect or master builder; A9: Be selected for inclusion on the 1972 Illinois Historic Structures Survey.

  • National Register

    NR District Contrib/Non-Contrib:

    Within District?: No

    NR Landmark?: No


    NR Eligible?: No


    Alternate Address?:

  • General Information

    Category: Single Family Residential

    Condition: Excellent

    Integrity: Excellent

    Current Use: Single Family Residential

    Historic Use: Single Family Residential

    Secondary Structure:

    NR Second:

  • Architectural Description

    Architectural Classification: Colonial Revival

    Details: Square glass block windows on north elevation.

    Construction Year: 1940

    Other Year:

    Date source: Landmark Nomination

    Wall Material (Current): Brick

    Wall Material 2 (Current):

    Plan: Rectangular

    No of Stories: 2 1/2

    Roof Type: Side Gabled

    Roof Material: Wood Shingles

    Foundation: Undetermined

    Porch: Entry Porch

    Window Material: Metal

    Window Material 2:

    Window Type: Casement

    Window Configuration: Multi Light

    Significance: Produced by an important architect and a life-long Evanstonian, the tightly controlled proportions of this residence's few elements result in a high quality, simple and effective design; the pitched, shingled roof runs to a rain gutter immediately above the lintels of the evenly spaced paired casement windows along the second floor of the common brick walls; a transomed entrance is sheltered by a thin roof supported by slight wing walls projecting immediately next to the pair of doors; a double row of small, square windows, one pair already appearing at the porch walls, runs to the east until it meets a casement bow window near the end. Larger windows appear in the wall west of the entrance; the composition is closed by large chimneys centered on the end faces.

    Historic Features: Spare ornamentation, second story windows, flat off-center canopy entrance with transom, chimney stacks at gable ends.


  • Historic Information

    Old Address (city dir.year):

    Building Moved?: No.

    Moved From:

    Original Owner: Larry Perkins and J. Mitchell

    Original Architect: Perkins, Wheeler and Will

    Architect Source: Landmark Nomination

    Builder: Sjoblom Construction Co.

    Surveyor: Nick Kalogeresis

    Surveyor Organization: The Lakota Group

    Survey Date: 30-Jun-15

    Survey Area:

  • Permit/Historic Information

    Current Address: 2940 Harrison Street

    Old Address:

    Date of Construction: 1940

  • Permit Moving Information

    Moving Permit #:

    Date Moved:

  • Original Permit Information

    Building Permit #: 22920

    Date: 26-Mar-40

    Building Permit Description: 2-story brick single family residence with attached garage.

    Cost: $14,000.00

    Original Owner Occupied?: Yes.

    Exterior Alteration Permits: 08ROOF-0263: Replacement of roofing, gutters and match existing tuckpointing of chimneys, paint to match.

    Other Permit Information:

    COA Info: 08PRES-0148: Tuckpoint upper chimneys and front planters with mortar to match the existing, replace existing wd shingle rf to match existing and original on house and garage, replace gutters and downspouts to match original galvanized painted materials, paint wood trim and windows to match the existing color.

    Historic Info: Plat of Survey dated 28-March 1940 is in house file at Evanston History Center Archives.

    Other Sources: Plat of Survey dated 28-March 1940 is in house file at Evanston History Center Archives.

    Historic Info Compiler:

    Volunteer: Leslie Cousineau, Tony Hurtig

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