• 843 - 849 Ridge Avenue Evanston IL 60602
    42.03392, -87.686231
    PIN: 11-19-301-022-0000
  • Local

    Within Local District?: No

    Local Dist Contrib/Non-Contrib?:

    Local Landmark?: Yes

    Year: by 1994

    Local Landmark Eligible?:

    Criteria: landmark

  • National Register

    NR District Contrib/Non-Contrib:

    Within District?: No

    NR Landmark?: Yes

    Year: 1984

    NR Eligible?:

    Criteria: 39

    Alternate Address?:

  • General Information

    Category: Multi Family Residential

    Condition: Good

    Integrity: Good

    Current Use: Multi Family Residential

    Historic Use: Multi Family Residential

    Secondary Structure:

    NR Second:

  • Architectural Description

    Architectural Classification: Craftsman

    Details: Stone watercourse, entriy canopies, horizontal coursing at high level, and square "bookends" to the brick lintels. clay tile accent roofs.

    Construction Year: 1913

    Other Year:

    Date source: Landmark Nomination

    Wall Material (Current): Brick

    Wall Material 2 (Current): Stone

    Plan: Rectangular

    No of Stories: 4+

    Roof Type: Flat

    Roof Material: Undetermined

    Foundation: likely stone


    Window Material: Wood

    Window Material 2:

    Window Type: Single Hung

    Window Configuration: 1-Apr


    Historic Features: Expressed corners and entries by massing, topped with clay tile roofs. entries have peaked stone details with side stone sconces, parapet has multiple "pediments" with step down shoulders, punched openings on 2 and 3 have brick soldier course lintels with square stone panels at ends, and top floor has stone sill and lintels.

    Alterations: Entrance doors have been replaced.

  • Historic Information

    Old Address (city dir.year):

    Building Moved?:

    Moved From:

    Original Owner: Thomas McCall

    Original Architect: Thomas McCall

    Architect Source: Building Permit

    Builder: Adolph Lindstrom, Mason, Arynot West, Carpenter

    Surveyor: Susan Turner, AIA

    Surveyor Organization: The Lakota Group

    Survey Date: 21-Jul-15

    Survey Area:

  • Permit/Historic Information

    Current Address: 843 - 849 Ridge Avenue; 1014 - 1020 Main Street

    Old Address:

    Date of Construction: 1913

  • Permit Moving Information

    Moving Permit #:

    Date Moved:

  • Original Permit Information

    Building Permit #: BP#5305

    Date: 1913.12.05

    Building Permit Description: 3 story brick apt. bldg.

    Cost: $70,000

    Original Owner Occupied?:

    Exterior Alteration Permits: BP#7454, 1917.27.04: one story brick garage.

    Other Permit Information:

    COA Info:

    Historic Info:

    Other Sources:

    Historic Info Compiler:

    Volunteer: Stephen Slaggert

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