• 1705 Lake Street Evanston IL 60201
    42.04449, -87.69674
    PIN: 10-13-414-033-0000
  • Local

    Within Local District?: No

    Local Dist Contrib/Non-Contrib?:

    Local Landmark?: Yes

    Year: 1982

    Local Landmark Eligible?:

    Criteria: H3: Its exemplification of an architectural type, style or design distinguished by innovation, rarity, uniqueness or overall quality of design, detail, materials or craftsmanship.

  • National Register

    NR District Contrib/Non-Contrib:

    Within District?: No

    NR Landmark?: No


    NR Eligible?: No


    Alternate Address?:

  • General Information

    Category: Single Family Residential

    Condition: Good

    Integrity: Good

    Current Use: Single Family Residential

    Historic Use: Single Family Residential

    Secondary Structure:

    NR Second:

  • Architectural Description

    Architectural Classification:

    Details: Front porch with hip roof, windows with wood sill, gable roofs

    Construction Year: c. 1880s

    Other Year:

    Date source: Landmark Nomination

    Wall Material (Current): Vinyl Siding

    Wall Material 2 (Current): Brick

    Plan: L Shape

    No of Stories: 2 1/2

    Roof Type: Gable front

    Roof Material: Asphalt

    Foundation: Brick

    Porch: Entry Porch

    Window Material: Wood

    Window Material 2: Aluminum

    Window Type: Single Hung

    Window Configuration: 1-Jan


    Historic Features: L-shaped plan, 2 story box, front entry porch, gable front, centered windows

    Alterations: House may has been modified with vinyl siding and teh addition of the hipped entry porch.

  • Historic Information

    Old Address (city dir.year):

    Building Moved?:

    Moved From:

    Original Owner:

    Original Architect:

    Architect Source:


    Surveyor: Susan Turner, AIA

    Surveyor Organization: The Lakota Group

    Survey Date: 10-Jul-15

    Survey Area:

  • Permit/Historic Information

    Current Address: 1705 Lake Street

    Old Address:

    Date of Construction: c. 1880s

  • Permit Moving Information

    Moving Permit #:

    Date Moved:

  • Original Permit Information

    Building Permit #:


    Building Permit Description:


    Original Owner Occupied?:

    Exterior Alteration Permits: 05NFN0000000020: 4'' high wood picket fence around front/street side of corner property; 01RFS0000000442: Roof, 1705 Lake.

    Other Permit Information:

    COA Info: 05HIS0000000184: Install a 3.5'' to 4'' high (at posts) x 184'' long scalloped wd picket fence (50% opacity) and recessed 3'' from the S front and E side property lines, diagonal recess cut at the corner of Lake and Dewey, plantings to be provided in front and behind the fence and at the SE corner of the lot, COA approved and fence variance recommended 1005.18.10; 05HIS0000000185: Replace existing asph driveway on the Dewey Avenue side with new asph driveway as shown on plat of survey.

    Historic Info:

    Other Sources:

    Historic Info Compiler:


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